On-Demand Webinar:
Reviewing the REvil Ransomware Timeline to Secure the Future

How to Put Ransomware Analysis, Protection & Hunting Into Action

REvil has been one of the most notorious ransomware gangs in recent years. From celebrity law firms to the Colonial Pipeline, to Kaseya, REvil has wreaked ransomware havoc on both businesses and ordinary citizens.

One tactic commonly used by REvil is to use system backups to gain access to critical infrastructure and data. Coincidently this same tactic was recently used by the FBI to gain access and take REvil down. A lot can be learned by understanding how REvil maliciously leveraged malware and backup systems to compromise critical systems to protect your organization from future attacks.

During this webinar, Andrew Yeates, ReversingLabs Solutions Architect, will cover how organizations can take an intelligence driven approach to prevent future ransomware attacks like Sodinokibi Revil Ransomware. Andrew will walk through how to analyze, protect and hunt for ransomware to prevent the next attack. You’ll learn:
How to detect similar ransomware in backup systems, S3 buckets and SMB shares
 How to analyze ransomware samples like Sodinokibi to understand how it behaves
 How to put ransomware intelligence to work through YARA rules to detect future attacks
 How to go on the offensive and hunt for hidden ransomware through advanced search, retrohunt and automated notifications

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Reviewing the REvil Ransomware Timeline to Secure the Future