Live WEBINAR: How To Keep Your Secrets SECRET

Join Us: Thursday March 23nd at 2pm EST 

Secrets hardcoded or exposed in software release packages or containers (whether by accident or intentionally) is a challenge all development teams face – and a boon for cybercriminals with automated means to find them to gain access for supply chain attacks.

What if you went into work one day and discovered that vital organizational secrets like API keys, usernames/passwords, and security certificates were publicly exposed in private repositories as part of a major software supply chain security hack? How would that impact your organization's operations, reputation, and bottom line?

Learn which secure software development best practices to put in place today to stop attacks from happening tomorrow. 

In this live webinar, we will cover:

- How different types of secrets are leaked in software 
- Why detecting fails to stop secrets exposure
- How do developers apply a security mindset
- How ReversingLabs fills gaps in secrets detection & prioritization

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