On-Demand Webinar: Verifying Your Supply Chain

How Your Existing AppSec Stack is Leaving You Exposed

Supply chain attacks are not new, but the level of sophistication and capabilities for damage seen during the attacks on SolarWinds has evolved to a point where all organizations that develop and use commercial software should take notice. During this session we discuss how developers can use ReversingLabs Titanium Platform to reduce the risks of building malware into your products and help administrators verify the software and patches are free from threats.

We discuss how to:

● Find broken, self-signed, vulnerable and weak digital certificates
● Identify software with missing security mitigations like ASLR, DEP, SAFE-SEH, and Buffer Overrun
● Identify unwanted script and file formats embedded in analyzed software
● Find known malware and exploits with CVE’s
● Identify malicious .NET classes and Linux symbols and sections across your code base


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