ReversingLabs Automated Static File Analysis is Game Changing

Fast - Broad - Deep - Not Deceived

The engine that drives all of ReversingLabs solutions opens a new window into finding and understanding advanced malware attacks

Our high volume automated static analysis engine, TitaniumCore will recursively unpack, extract internal indicators, and calculate threat levels for thousands of file types. With static analysis, files are not executed so detailed analysis may be performed on more than just executables and in milliseconds. TitaniumCore is the engine that powers all of our threat research and it will enable your security teams to:

  • Expand analysis capabilities to search out advanced attacks
  • Developing local intelligence about files to surface hidden malware
  • Make global intelligence actionable enabling early detection
  • Hunt for undetected malware with great accuracy and efficiency
  • Bolster defenses with YARA detection rules