Let's put YARA
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April 13, 2021


Back by popular demand, ReversingLabs is proud to announce its 2nd annual REVERSING 2021! This virtual event will once again bring together the leading global threat researchers and practitioners to share best practices on YARA, a tool for hunting, identifying, and classifying malware samples. The event will include thought leaders and practitioners sharing hunting processes, rule writing techniques, and real-world use cases.

There will be sessions for every range of skill set, from beginners to advanced and beyond.

REVERSING 2021 will be a great opportunity to network within the YARA community and gain invaluable YARA skills that attendees can put to use as part of their hunting and research the very next day.

REVERSING 2020 Highlights

2000 Registrations

Take a look at REVERSING 2020 Experts Talks

Vitali Kremez - REVERSING 2020 Keynote Speaker

Evolution of Cybercrime Intent & Hunting with YARA for Malware Developers

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Hilko Bengen - REVERSING 2020 Speaker

Rules as Code: A Look at the YARA Compiler's Output

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Jo Johnson - REVERSING 2020 Speaker

How Not to Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Patterns

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Cooper Quintin - REVERSING 2020 Speaker

Git Your YARA For Nothing, And Your Malware For Free

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Wyatt Roersma - REVERSING 2020 Speaker

Making YARA Testing Easy - The Simple Web Plugin to Simplify Your Day

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Tomislav Pericin - REVERSING 2020 Speaker

Quality Written YARA Rules - Detection Rules Worth Their Weight in Gold

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