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ReversingLabs Enriches Recorded Future Intel Cards with latest Malware Data

Organizations are being attacked by skilled and well-resourced adversaries who rapidly morph their techniques to hide their intent and actions. Often, known malicious payloads are reused with slight modifications to bypass even the best AV and dynamic analysis tools, allowing attackers to quickly evolve, enhance functionality, and increase attack frequency. Timely file intelligence provided through this technology integration gives critical context for organizations to combat advanced attackers.

Through our technology integration, ReversingLabs file reputation and automated static analysis malware results are used to enrich Recorded Future’s Intel Cards. ReversingLabs file intelligence exposes malware by finding malware indicators and functional similarity to known malware and enriches Recorded Future's Intel Cards, accelerating organization's identification of suspicious files, response to threats and updates to security devices against future malware attacks. Extended metadata on file hashes, malware, and IP addresses and domains automatically enriches Intel cards through this technology integration for the fastest decision-making on threats available. 

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