On-Demand Webinar: Protecting Your Assets with Your Head in the Cloud

Companies have moved terabytes of data and hundreds of applications to cloud providers to reduce costs and give customers a better user experience. Unfortunately the legacy security products have not kept up with the increased volume, types, and size of files being transferred which is causing IT teams to accept new risks. In this webinar we will discuss how companies are building security into cloud workloads to ensure you can maintain a high level of security.

In this session, we discuss:

- How companies are integrating high speed file analysis to protect high risk document, multimedia, and archive formats that are being exploited today
- How new digital business processes such as web and mobile app file uploads can unknowing deliver infected files into your organization
- How you can leverage file analysis technologies within your new digital platforms to securely enable your digital business
- How these technologies can be applied to detect destructive objects and accelerate your response actions without impacting the business.

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