On-Demand Webinar: Proactive Malware Intelligence & Increasing ROI of SIEM & SOAR Deployments

With today's challenges from an increasingly hostile threat landscape, combined with a lack of people, expertise, and budget, organizations are driving toward optimizing their SIEM and SOAR solutions in order to get the highest return their investment. Of the greatest areas of unmet need with SIEM and SOAR solutions, obtaining the right file-level intelligence with actionable rich context, and building effective levels of automation are both needed to increase detection and response effectiveness to targeted attacks and breaches.

Watch the On-Demand webinar from Splunk and ReversingLabs to find out how you can increase the ROI of your SIEM and SOAR deployments by harnessing rich real-time file and malware intelligence delivered directly into your event investigations and playbook-driven responses. The presentation will include a customer case study highlighting an integrated deployment and how the company increased its automation levels and made their detection and response workflows more effective.

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