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On-Demand Webinar: Explainable Threat Intelligence

Moving Beyond 'Black Box' Convictions

What if todays security analysts had access to the most timely and relevant threat intelligence, in a consumable easy to understand manner that was interpretable, verifiable, and explainable?

Watch our webinar as we examine the next generation of explainable threat intelligence solutions and how ReversingLabs has taken a fresh look at machine learning classification.

In this session, well discuss:

- How contemporary malware is challenging security teams, and why destructive object insights are so relevant;
- How new explainable machine learning models are improving analyst malware knowledge and SOC productivity over time;
- How the concept of transparency and being able to defend a classification decision is empowering the SOC team and facilitating cross functional collaboration;
- How this new threat intelligence integrates to existing environments (e.g. SIEM, SOAR) and maps to common attack frameworks (MITRE ATT&CK).

Watch the Webinar