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On-Demand Webinar: Lessons Learned from the SolarWinds SunBurst Attack

How to Address Security Gaps Discovered Across Software Development, Release & Vendor Management

The SolarWinds breach was a wake up call to organizations worldwide - a sophisticated attack that applied time and patience to circumvent the developer build and release process in order to gain access to thousands of trusting customers.

During this session, Tomislav Peričin, Chief Software Architect & Co-Founder at ReversingLabs, will pull back the curtain offering insights into how ReversingLabs helped to expose the origins of the SunBurst attack, discuss security gaps every developer and IT software management function must prioritize, and detail solutions necessary to mitigate these new risks. This will include:

- Walking through the anatomy of the SunBurst attack
- Detailing how the build server and source code was compromised
- Highlighting what contributed to the hunt and investigative process
- Discussing why xAST and AV need to be augmented to detect these attack types
- Recommending necessary technology and process requirements to detect similar future attacks

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