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On-Demand Webinar: Justifying the Malware Lab

Identifying 5 Key Benefits that Drive the ROI

You’ve done the research - automation, rationalization, commercialization, consolidation, optimization, etc. But now you need to push your argument over the finish line. Your Malware Lab represents the next level in security maturity supporting local file analysis, threat detection, malware research, and threat hunting- all of which represent enabling factors in establishing a more cyber resilient posture against today’s complex and highly targeted cyberattacks. You know your organization needs to align around a new and improved Malware Lab to achieve this goal, yet you still need to make the business case! We’re here to help!

In this session, we discuss:
• What key “costs” are impacting your business including the financial, strategic, security, compliance, and operational risk factors associated with these factors.
• How to consolidate and optimize file analysis tools, (e.g. static and dynamic analysis), accelerate investigation times, hunt for latent threats, and move your organization toward understanding your adversaries.
• What key capabilities are required as part of the Malware Lab to provide the needed visibility to thwart adversaries before they attack.
• How a real-world ROI analysis conducted by Forrester on behalf of a large financial institution can provide a framework to estimate your own ROI as you look to invest in automated and commercially supported tools for your Malware Lab.

Watch the Webinar