On-Demand Webinar: How to Use File Reputation Services

Effectively mitigating cybersecurity risks to your organization is a complex task on the best days. In an environment where the threat landscape constantly changes, infosec professionals must have as much real time information as possible to continually improve their defensive posture. That’s why many turn to file reputation services, which check the reputation of files against extensive, up-to-date malware databases to identify threats and assess potential harm.

Unfortunately not all file reputation services are created equal. Many rely strictly on common crowdsourced information and have sample sets that are far too small for today's threat landscape. In this webinar we’ll discuss how ReversingLabs provides rich file reputation and threat classification using the context of the largest goodware and malware sample repository in the industry.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss and demonstrate:
- How to analyze files in milliseconds vs hours
- How to feed high quality intelligence into your defenses using our API’s
- How to bring new visibility about file risks into your SOC process

Watch the Webinar