On-Demand Webinar: How to Secure the Software Build & Release Process Post SunBurst

The SolarWinds SunBurst attack has left many application development and architecture teams searching for answers on how to best secure their software build and release processes ahead of the next attack.

In this webinar, Mike Cote, ReversingLabs Product Management, and guest speaker Amy DeMartine, Forrester Research Industry Analyst, discuss the current state of application security, how new threat sophistication has created challenges within existing app sec toolchains. and guidance on innovative approaches to solving these new challenges.

The webinar will specifically cover:

* The current state of application security including SCA, and xAST solutions
* Recent supply chain attacks as a new day in threat sophistication
* App sec gaps and tool exposures that need to be addressed to mitigate these attacks in the future
* A comparison of app sec tools vs. alternative solutions
* You will also hear how ReversingLabs can help mitigate future attacks similar to SunBurst for your AppSec and 3rd Party Risk teams


Watch the Webinar