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On-Demand Webinar: How to Protect Against High Risk File Uploads


Today's digitized business processes have opened the door for more efficient operations, greater self service, and an optimized user experience. But they also expose the organization to new risks as external data enters the organization, potentially unchecked. And these new threats may be difficult to identify and interpret, even among the most seasoned security teams. So how can you ensure you have the right controls in place to give you visibility into the state of your digital business, and its impact on your new network of partners and customers? Do you have access to the right intelligence to respond quickly, and extend trust across your network and accelerate your business?

Watch our webinar as we examine how to protect new high risk areas of exposure in your digital infrastructure and confidently execute new business process workflows.

In this session, we discuss:

- How file related digital workflows impact business processes across industries, including Media, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Oil/Gas, etc
- How to protect against high risk objects including media files which many industries are adopting to improve digital experiences
- How minimizing digital transformation risks are critical to sustain and grow your business and build trust
- How ReversingLabs unique explainable threat intelligence can seamlessly integrate with decision support systems to keep your digital processes running smoothly and securely

Watch the Webinar