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On-Demand Webinar: How to Inject Security into the SDLC

Digital transformation represents perhaps the most significant business challenge facing organizations today, with the promise of improving business productivity, expanding market reach, optimizing product and service delivery, and improving customer satisfaction.

Software has a big role to play, and has introduced new technologies, processes, and associated skills required to capitalize on this transformation. However, with this new dynamic environment comes some risk, as attackers are already exploiting vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

Watch our webinar to hear how software supply chains are evolving and how security processes and controls can automate SOC response to potential risk by:

  • - Validating open-source packages and other dependencies
  • - Running build-time analysis and retro-scans of archived repositories for additional detection
  • - Validating third-party software before re-packaging and distribution


Well review the fundamental construct of contemporary supply chains, show examples of recent attacks targeting these environments, and how ReversingLabs file reputation and static analysis controls intervene to prevent the propagation of malware.

Watch the Webinar