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How Automation and Orchestration can Help Bridge the IT Security Skills Gap

An EMA Research Report Summary, sponsored by ReversingLabs

The shortage of skilled information security practitioners continues to grow around the globe. In the US, for organizations with at least 500 employees, Enterprise Management Associates found in a June 2020 survey that the average number of open positions enterprises are trying to fill is 1,324. For the largest percentage of respondents in this EMA survey, that number increased between 1% and 25% over the last year, although that increase is higher for large enterprises.

The benefits that organizations enjoy as a result of security automation frequently vary by the size of the enterprise. Both very large enterprises and SMEs view the top benefit as improved protection, while mid-market companies view better compliance as the top benefit. Meanwhile, large enterprises see improved architectural resiliency as the primary benefit.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting widespread shift to working from home, automation became all the more important as security teams adjusted to protecting more far-flung access to corporate resources.

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