Explainable Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence Humans Need to Verify Local Threats, Automate SOC Processes and Upskill Analysts

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Malware continues to increase in sophistication and routinely evades traditional cyber defenses such as anti-virus, EDR/EPP, dynamic analysis or sandboxes and email security.

New technologies in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) offer the potential for improved detection and identification. However, existing ML models focus on data set labeling on non-human readable features, which results in the detection of anomalous behavior with general classifications that cannot be interpreted by a SOC analyst.

Enter “Explainable Machine Learning.”

Read our whitepaper to learn how ReversingLabs is shifting the threat intelligence market from a black box to a glass box with the threat intelligence humans need to verify local threats, automate SOC processes and upskill analysts.

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