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ReversingLabs & Carbon Black present

Detect Advanced Threats with Intelligence on Files from Every Endpoint

Integration enriches EDR data with file intelligence and 1-click pivot to visualize malware indicators - reducing response time

ReversingLabs and Carbon Black have created an integrated solution that enriches EDR data with authoritative file intelligence so security teams can quickly visualize and respond to attacks. 

With this solution, security teams can visualize detailed file reputation and malware results on tens of thousands to potentially millions of files Carbon Black sends to ReversingLabs per day across a variety of file types that may contain malware and requires further investigation. 

Given the volume of attacks and their targeted nature, SOC teams are struggling with visibility and analysis to understand and respond to threats. Dynamic analysis solutions are often evaded by attackers and cannot scale to meet organizations needs. By leveraging the integration between Carbon Black and ReversingLabs, customers can rapidly understand “known” and “unknown” threats, the nature of the threats and have their risk level defined for accelerated response times.

The threat intelligence results from ReversingLabs in-depth analysis at scale across all files types can be correlated with other security analytics data to improve event detection and response for real actionable results. 

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