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On-Demand Webinar: Building Sustainable Security Architectures through APIs

Security Architects are tasked with bringing together threat intelligence from across the security stack to allow the modern SOC to be more effective. API’s are the core building block allowing applications and software to exchange data and build context drive automation and enable analysts to make more informed decisions about response.

ReversingLabs provides dozens of API’s to access our File Reputation and Threat Hunting Capabilities and enables analysts to speed the investigation and response process. In this session we will explore how you can use these API’s to enhance your security response programs.

In this session we’ll discuss how to:

Query the ReversingLabs malware repository for any previous classifications
Manage your file analysis to automatically upload samples from other tools for analysis
Search for file samples leveraging the pre-correlated relationships between file samples and the associated meta-data generated.
Pivot to search for URI’s, stolen certificates, and functionally similar samples.

Watch the Webinar